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Estate Agency Paradise.Realty offers the tender sensuality of the sea, the quiet rustle of spreading palms and the unhurried life rhythm. Luxury villas and spacious apartments on the sea coasts await for their new owners.Paradise.Realty invites you to use a unique collection of the best real estate properties, one of which can become yours. Proficient experts are ready to give you professional advice on the choice of the country of residence and the type of housing. They will provide you with full information about the specifics of purchasing in the region of your choice.

Becoming a sovereign master of exquisite real estate in countries such as Thailand or Cyprus, the UK or Spain, is a worthy and very promising choice. As the owner of an elite house or a spacious apartment, you will get a number of privileges:
the opportunity to relax and enjoy snow-white beaches at any desired time, while saving on paying for the hotel
– lease real estate, vacating the property after a few years
– replace the regular smog of a busy metropolis with the crystal transparency of sea-fresh air
– become a happy owner of an elite house with a dignified standard of living and comfort, security and independence.

Paradise.Realty is ready to let your dreams come true. Real Estate Sales are the backbone of our friendly Company, whose experienced staff know and deal with practically every aspect of foreign real estate purchases. Valuable advice concerning the choice of the appropriate Country for your individually tailored real estate is given by our experts free of charge. We not only meet-and-greet our clients at the airport, but we also help them to make the right choice, contributing to the opening of a bank account in the country where the real estate is. We are always ready to assist in the management of any apartments or villas purchased abroad. We can even help you to find schools for your children.

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