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Fulfill your dream in Vietnam with the offer of the highest rental income and appreciation in Asia, This property boom is evidenced with the fact that Vietnam has emerged to become the third fastest growing economy in Asia,along with a new policy introduction on foreign property ownership since July 2015. Subsequently, by 2020 it will further lead to a duplication of success of Chinese property market and unprecedented growth of economy in Vietnam. Our team in Vietnam is the largest Mandarin – speaking real estate agency with fifteen-year experience in serving Chinese clients and speaking fluently English, Chinese and Vietnamese. The other team is specialized in the UK properties, with focus on the second tier cities such as Manchester, Liverpool, where your capital is the most maximized against returns for the developed market. Overall we provide one-stop service including:

  • Assist purchase process including legal and tax advice.
  • Open bank account and money transfer
  • Letting service
  • Management and maintenance

With us, you could make your dream come true and invest abroad without any hassle.

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